Spaleck Conveying and separation

3D-Combi Flip-Flow-Screen

This combination brings together the Recycling-Waste-Screen and the Flip-Flow-Screen Elastica.

Spaleck 3D-Combi-Flip-Flow Screen
NEW and applied for patent 3D-Combi-Flip-Flow Screen

This combined model guarantees that the product is optimally loosened and turned over on the upper deck. Even large-grained material can be screened on a screening machine with a Flip-Flow screen deck.

The screening deck with 3D screen segments, which is positioned above the Flip-Flow screen deck to form a cascade, protects and reduces the stress on the Flip-Flow screen mats. Their service life is increased and optimal screening results are guaranteed.

The 3D screen segments with maximum open screen area can be changed quickly and simply thanks to the modular construction.

The screen mats of the Flip-Flow screen deck are fastened without screws and have no edges that could cause difficulties. This means that the screen mats can be changed quickly and there is an optimal product flow on the screen panels.

This vibratory screening machine uses circular motion and is driven by an unbalance shaft drive with a standard three-phase motor.

The subframe absorbs residual vibration.

The stationary or co-vibrating cover can be opened without using tools, ensuring quick and simple access to the screen segments.



Classification of difficult, sticky or wet materials with separation cuts from approx. 0.2 mm to 120 mm.


All types of recycling materials such as incineration slag, shredder light and heavy fraction, scrap metal, electronic scrap, c&d- , c&i-  and  bulky waste, compost, plastic fractions, biomass…


  • Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.
  • The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning.
  • This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment, steel structures and space.