Spaleck Conveying and separation

Resonance conveyor

Flat construction - gently conveying

Spaleck Resonance conveyor
Resonance conveyor
Drive system of a resonance conveyor
Drive system

The SPALECK resonance conveyors have unbalance motors or exciters.

Resonance conveyors are dual-mass vibration systems that use a small transmitted vibration to achieve a large oscillation of the conveyor trough (the resonator). Linked, dynamic thrust springs are used to create direct vibrations. Variable conveyor outputs can be adjusted for the relevant applications using a frequency convertor.

The vibrations produced in the base frame are increased considerably in the conveyor trough by dynamic thrust springs,, and the „micro-throw principle“ is used for improved transportion that protects the product.

The resonance conveyor can be designed closed or open,  surface treated or equipped with additional components.

The operation frequency is near to the resonant frequency. This results in significantly less energy consumption compared to traditional vibratory conveyors.


For energy-saving conveying of piece goods and bulk materials over long distances up to 25,000 mm

Conveyed material

Wooden materials, foodstuffs, chemicals or the environmental sector


  • Adjustable conveyor outputs
  • Low-maintenance continuous operation, low operating costs
  • Gently conveying of the product
  • Compact flat construction for conveyance over long distances
  • Energy-efficient system
  • Vibration-isolated dual-mass systems with very low adjusting forces
  • Quiet operation
Household refuse
Industrial waste
Electronic scrap
Old growth